Puppy School Classes

Tuesday,Wednesday Evenings

For your littlest pup, our puppy school classes are for puppies aged between 8 and 15 weeks. We cover basic commands, and also all of the puppy basics - grooming, crate/sleep training, socialising, toilet training, bonding, obedience, vaccinations, teething, and anything else you would like to cover!


We sterilise the floor prior to class to keep the puppies safe while they are not fully vaccinated. We provide support for puppy owners, learn heaps, have a laugh, and the puppies get a chance to socialise and interact with other puppies in a safe environment.


This is such a formative time in a young pup's life, and yet it can be so tricky to socialise them while they are not fully vaccinated. Puppy School is a wonderful opportunity to do this critical early socialising.


$200 (5 week course) Held in Westmere. 


May classes:

Wednesday May 25th 7.15pm

June classes:

Tuesday June 7th 6pm

Wednesday 29th June 7.15pm


Basic Obedience Classes

Tuesday, Wednesday Evenings

Basic Obedience is about teaching your dog the key skills to paying attention, focusing around distractions and being part of the family. By learning the core commands including sit, down, wait, stay, come, leave it, drop it, in a new environment with the distraction of other dogs they are on the stepping stone to becoming a well-trained furry family member. 

We cover understanding and communicating in "dog language", continuing socialisation for a confident dog, recall and leash walking techniques plus a few fun commands and games to keep you as the centre of attention for your dog. 

A great follow on from Puppy PreSchool this is for dogs aged 16weeks+. 

$200 (5 week course)

Held in Westmere. 

May classes:

Tuesday May 10th 7.15pm - FULL

Wednesday May 25th 6pm

June classes:

Tuesday June 14th 7.15pm

Girl with Dogs

Outdoor Obedience

Thursday 6.30pm or Saturday 9.00am/10.15am

Outdoor Obedience class is held outside in a local dog park ensuring we are testing your dog's attention and focus in the distractions of the real world.

In this advanced obedience class we push further the basic obedience commands, have a strong focus on recall, listening and following directions with real world distractions such as other dogs, cyclists, children, birds etc.

Leash walking, waiting and staying are all put to the test in a fun class with lots of learning and confidence building for you and your dog. 


A great step up from Basic Obedience this is for dogs who has mastered the basics and also works as a great refresher course when they reach the teenage stage around 10mths old. 

$200 (5 week course)

Held in Heron Park, Waterview

Next Saturday classes: 

Starts April 2nd 10.15am - FULL

Starts June 11th 10.30am

SUNDAY class: Starts May 29th 10am (no class on Queens Birthday weekend)


Next Thursday class: In Spring


Leash and Recall Workshop

Saturday Morning

The most common problem we hear from  dog  owners is that their dogs pull on lead and don’t come when called. So we’ve created a series  of classes to specifically address these behaviours!


Join us for 3 weekly 1 hour training sessions.

$150 (3 week course) Held in Kelston.

Next classes:

Starts May 14th 10.30am: FULL

Starts Saturday June 11th 9am

Held in partnership with K9to5 Doggy Daycare.

Dog and Kid five.jpg

Tricks and Training 

Wednesday 6.30pm

Tricks and Training classes are a great opportunity for kids and adults alike to bond with their dogs learning new tricks to show off to friends while also learning to read and communicate in "dog language" to them.

The sessions are for dogs that have completed an obedience training class. 

We cover a variety of tricks including; spin, touch, middle, hi-five, rollover, sit pretty, shake, kiss, weave, tunnel and more!


A fun bonding experience for all involved. 

$200 (5 week course)

dog hurdle jump.jpg

Junior Agility

After School Programme

On hold til Spring - Register your interest

Junior Agility is the chance for kids and dogs to have a fun, relaxed introduction to agility training for dogs.

The sessions are for kids 10years+ and dogs that have completed an obedience training class. Sessions will be held at Coyle Park on Tuesdays and Cornwall Park on Thursdays so it is important that your dog has a strong recall and is driven by treats and/or toys. 

We cover basic techniques of agility training, weaving through poles, jumping hurdles and running through the tunnel.

Each session a new technique is added whilst growing and practicing the skills learnt the session before. 

$200 (5 week course)

Dogs with Dog Food Jar

Intro to Scent Work Classes

Thursday 6.30pm 

Introducing the basics of scent work to you and your dog. A great way to bond and utilise their natural skills. 

What is Scent Work?

Scent Work (Nosework) is a fun interactive sport for dogs which teaches them the basic skills used by police, airport biosecurity and drug detection dogs. The dogs must find a hidden odour by searching through different objects utilising smell.  


We train your dog to search for a unique scent and then each week we continue to practice their scent finding skills and further push their abilities by mixing up the locations and distance to search. 

Fun and challenging for you and your dog!


$160 (4 week course)

Next Thursday class: Starting May 19th 6.30pm

Image by Murilo Viviani

A Touch of Agility

On hold til 2022

A chance for your dog to dip their paw in to agility in a relaxed, fun environment.  This is not competition level training; it is for you and your dog to learn a new skill, have fun bonding and potentially create a passion for agility training long term. 

We cover basic techniques of agility training, weaving through poles, jumping hurdles, balancing and running through the tunnel.

Each week a new technique is added whilst growing and practicing the skills learnt the week before. 

$160 (4 week course)