Welcome to hair of the dog where we care very deeply about the bond between dogs and their owners and share that passion through working with you to create the outcome you're looking for. 


We're committed to a holistic approach to training - it is not only important to consider breed traits, but also the members of the household, the environment, and the goals of each family.


When working with you we always remember that this is your dog, your house, your family, and everyone's family is so unique, so (secondary to the health and happiness of the dog) what YOU consider a success is what our priority must be, and therefore that is our goal.​

We look forward to working with you and your dog soon.



NZAMC Canine Behaviour and Training 

Pets have always been a passion for me, the bond that can be had with you and your gorgeous furry faced ratbag is like no other. 

Despite exploring different animal based work options I ended up in the corporate world for 15yrs. I was brought full circle back to my true passion when I  began working in marketing for pets. Working with dogs in filming and photography shoots required learning how to direct and read dogs in new and different environments. Each day I was surrounded by a range of dog personalities and behaviours from my co-workers dogs in the office. They were the highlight of any day and taught me so much about how different each furry friend is. 

This work re-sparked my passion for animals and I left the corporate world to study Canine Behaviour and Training. From my first week of studies I knew i had found where I belonged and enjoyed the practical hands on learning style where I could apply the theory straight away. 

After settling into my new world of helping dogs and owners communicate and bond better; I decided to undertake further study part time. I recently completed these studies graduating with Distinction in the Feline Behaviour and Psychology diploma. 

I love working with owners to better understand what their pets are communicating and how to talk in their language leading to a lifelong mutual bond and happiness.