Roxy is very clear about how it works and always has something new to do! She is nice and kind also very funny. Keeva and I found it challenging at the beginning and now a bit easier. You learn new tricks, see new things, I would highly recommend her pleassssse do it it's absolutely worth it for you and your dog!

— Keeva & Finn (10 years old)

Junior Agility Course


Roxy is amazing trainer! We attended her puppy pre-school classes with our 8-week old puppy and were amazed to complete the class with our now 12-week old puppy knowing how to sit, lie down, come & wait!! Her techniques are so easy to learn and get results from, plus the puppies really enjoy her classes - they're relaxed and fun, so are great for kids to learn how to train their puppy too! Thanks Roxy, we'll be booking in for basic obedience next!

— Nessa & Family

Puppy PreSchool


Rox is incredible!!

She is like the dog whisperer. She trained both my puppies and they now they are angels!

They also know all of the tricks like play dead, roll over, dance and wave! Highly recommend doing a private class or the basic obedience class

— Ollie, Stella & Family

1:1 Consult Sessions &

Basic Obedience Course


Roxy’s course was invaluable.

After completing the training our 9 month old cavoodle is a puppy we can take anywhere. His recall is fantastic and we have learnt via positive reinforcement how to direct him into good behaviour. Roxy made the classes fun and watching her with young kids was also inspiring. Thanks Roxy for our happy little cavoodle.

— Teo & Family

Basic Obedience Course


Have been training Fergus the Airedale puppy with Rox from Hair of the Dog for 6 months. Starting with puppy school and then moving into personalised home visit support. Rox has ensured we are off to a great start with training. Its so helpful to have training sessions in your home environment. Its really targeted and amazing what she picks up watching family interactions. We are looking forward to joining in with some advanced lessons in time. We aren't quite ready yet :) Having great training support has been essential to having a happy and well adjusted 4 legged family member.

— Fergus & Family

Puppy PreSchool &

1:1 Consult Sessions


Every time Huckleberry sees Rox he is excited and can't wait to work with her. Rox is enthusiastic and empathetic with Huck, who can be a stubborn little dog, and her love of animals shows with the care and attention she gives while training.

I would recommend Rox to everyone who has dog training needs!

— Huckleberry & Family

1:1 Training Sessions